How To Get Access to New HubSpot Features in Your Portal?

Do you know that not all HubSpot features are automatically available in your HubSpot portal? Learn how to access them yourself!

Are you after the latest and greatest HubSpot features in your portal? Have you just come from an event or call and heard about new features being available in beta, and are you looking to use them before anyone else?

You can see all product updates and access many public beta versions here.


In your portal, go to Account > Product Updates (bottom screen):

Access your HubSpot account features

  • See a list of all updates in chronological order in the main column;
  • Select the desired area of interest on the left for a focused selection :

Desired area of interest

  • At the bottom left, select "Betas" to see the currently available  [Public Beta] versions:

Available beta versions

Select the desired beta to join, one at a time, and accept the terms and conditions:

Accept Beta terms and conditions

Most beta versions will take a moment or two, some a few minutes to show in your portal and ..... enjoy your new gizmo.


New features and beta versions are being released frequently (often multiple times per month), i.e., check back often!

For help or implementation support with any HubSpot feature or access to "private beta" versions, don't hesitate to contact your Aspiration Marketing  Engagement Manager or connect with us to become a customer.