How We Measure Visitor and Customer Feedback

Not only do we try to listen to customers, partners, and website visitors alike, we look to be proactive about it.

As part of our journey to grow, not only do we look to grow bigger together with our customers, we also aspire to grow better, to listen to feedback and take it as an opportunity to become aware of different perspectives and improve on an ongoing basis.

In your interactions with Aspiration Marketing in any stage of the process, you will likely be exposed to a number of the following elements of our feedback process, containing at least some of the following surveys and feedback processes:

  • Customer Loyalty - Net Promoter Score (NPS).  The most formal of our surveys, following the classic Net Promoter Score measurement.  Each customer with engagements initiated in 2019 or later will receive at least two surveys: one being sent 30 days into an engagement, the last upon completing an engagement.  Ongoing engagements will be surveyed every six months.

Net Promoter Score - NPS
Since we started measuring, the Aspiration Marketing Net Promoter Score (NPS)  our NPS is 82.

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).  As circumstances suggest, it might be our wish or your desire to provide feedback with a Happy-Neutral-Unhappy face and the opportunity to leave a comment.  We do want to understand what works or doesn't. The more specific your feedback is, the better we can improve and make sure to maintain products and services that you like and modify those that aren't exceeding expectations quite yet.

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES).  A customer satisfaction survey used to measure the ease of service experience with Aspiration Marketing, often requested when a ticket has been closed. It asks you to rate the ease of using our products or services on a scale from “very difficult” to “very easy.”
    Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Blog Helpfulness.  Vistors of our blog are being asked regularly yo comment with a Happy-Neutral-Unhappy face and the opportunity to leave a comment.  This helps us identify topics and writing that works for you; you might get more of it when letting us know.  We are also looking at posts that might miss your mark and seek to improve those.  Your feedback is a valued element to drive and influence the activities of our content marketing team.

    Blog Helpfulness
  • Knowledge Hub Helpfulness. The little button below this and any other articles of our knowledge base. Let us know if an article is helpful. Or not.
    Knowledge Hub Helpfulness

All tools above are based on the use of HubSpot's Service Hub. Contact us to learn more about the tool and see how it or other tools or approaches might add value to your organization.