HubSpot Product Updates March 14, 2022

The following includes HubSpot Product Updates made available to customers. They are live and available for use.

  • Multi-Step Custom Feedback Surveys (Service Hub Pro and Enterprise)
    Filling out a long feedback survey with a number of questions can be a frustrating experience. A multi-step survey is a long survey that is broken up into multiple pieces. Multi-step surveys make long surveys less daunting. They allow for the grouping of questions logically and progressively and support adding images that are contextual to a particular step. Completing the survey in smaller chunks can create a positive user experience and increase survey response rates. 

  • Two New Multi-Touch Attribution Models (CMS Professional and Enterprise, Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise)
    Alongside some other recent changes to allow for more advanced filtering and analysis, we added two industry-standard attribution models. These models provide a new way of giving credit to the channels and assets that matter, so you can more easily answer questions like: Which campaign created more contacts?
    Which specific blog post generates the most revenue?
    Do we generate more deals when the first touch is Facebook or Google Adwords?

  • Post Chat Feedback Collection (Service Hub Professional and Enterprise)
    Support agents can now collect customer satisfaction feedback on their chat conversations directly from within the chat immediately after the chat conversation is closed. Feedback can be collected for Chatbots as well. 

  • Service Level Agreements  “SLAs”  (Service Hub Professional and Enterprise)
    What is it?
    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a core component of a modern help desk. They allow teams to prioritize incoming tickets based on their importance and ensure that they meet customers' expectations.
    Why does it matter?
    Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is how you build a delightful customer experience. SLAs are a key component to providing transparency to agents to meet and exceed those SLAs. SLAs are also a crucial tool for coaching agents and helping our customers optimize their support process. 

  • Improved Ticket Management in Conversation Inbox (All Hubs and Levels) 
    What is it?
    New ticket and conversation management functionality allow support teams to solve customer problems with more confidence and less task duplication. These are the improvements we are making:
    • Automatically tie tickets to conversations, so any action taken on one will be applied to both (e.g. closing a ticket, closes the conversation; deleting a ticket, deletes the conversation)
    • Ability to change the ticket status or pipeline directly from the conversation thread toolbar.

Contact your Aspiration Marketing Engagement Manager if you are an existing customer or reach out to our Sales team for information about the above releases or if you want to become an Aspiration Marketing customer.