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What is the LinkedIn Connection-Builder?

Our Connection-Builder program helps you establish key connections with your target (buyer) personas.

If you are in B2B, especially in the English-speaking, North American markets, many of your prospective customers "are on LinkedIn". Having a presence on LinkedIn will help you learn more about them, be educational, and initiate valuable relationships.

Two key lessons for interacting on LinkedIn:

  1. Do. Not. Sell. On LinkedIn. Nobody wants it. Don't try it.
  2. Be personal. Learn. Educate.  (Did we say: do not sell?)

As part of our LinkedIn Connection-Builder Program, we operationalize with and for you:

  • Establish LinkedIn Navigator populations for target buyer personas
  • Reach out with personalized connection requests to individuals in defined LinkedIn populations. This can lead to approx. 15-30% new connections per day based on the number of connection requests made.
  • Transfer LinkedIn connection data to your CRM where applicable.

With the LinkedIn Connection-Builder Plus, you get all of the above, plus

We create 1 LinkedIn publication per month to increase the visibility/credibility of the connecting individual, e.g., CEO, CMO, CRO, Evangelist.

You can add our Connection-Builder to an existing project or retainer or contract for it separately.  Contact Us for more information.