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What is the LinkedIn Connection-Builder?

Our Connection-Builder program helps you establish key connections with your target (buyer) personas.

If you are in B2B, especially in the English speaking, North American markets, many of your prospective customers "are on LinkedIn". Having a presence on LinkedIn will help you to learn more about them, be educational, and initiate valuable relationships.

Two key lessons for interacting on LinkedIn:

  1. Do. Not. Sell. on LinkedIn. Nobody wants it. Don't try it.
  2. Be personal. Learn. Educate.  (Did we say: do not sell?)

As part of our LinkedIn Connection-Builder Program, we operationalize with and for you:

  • Establish LinkedIn Navigator populations for target buyer personas
  • Reach out with personalized connection requests to individuals in defined LinkedIn populations. This can lead to approx. 15-30% new connections per day based on the number of connection requests made.
  • Transfer LinkedIn connection data to your CRM where applicable.

With the LinkedIn Connection-Builder Plus, you get all of the above, plus

We create 1 LinkedIn publication per month to increase the visibility/credibility of the connecting individual, e.g., CEO, CMO, CRO, Evangelist.

You can add our Connection-Builder to an existing project or retainer or contract for it separately.  Contact Us for more information.