What Is a HubSpot Deal, and How Do I Set It Up?

In HubSpot, deals represent transactions with contacts or companies. Deals are tracked through your sales process in pipeline stages until won or lost.

Use deals in HubSpot to track potential revenue through your sales process. You can associate deals with other records, such as contacts and companies involved in the deal. Once records are associated with a deal, HubSpot can associate the relevant activities to the deal record.

Deals are captured in HubSpot's standard "Deals" object. Once you have created a deal, it'll have the same look and feel as the other standard objects, e.g.,  Contacts, Companies, Tickets, or any Custom Objects you can set up.

HubSpot Deals are part of HubSpot's Sales Hub. The Sales Hub is available in several tiers, Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. HubSpot Academy has numerous resources covering training and certification in HubSpot Sales Software and general selling skills.

How do I get there?

Settings > Objects > Deals:

You can customize several elements to accommodate the requirements in your portal specific to your user groups. 

Customize tabs

Configure the information shown in the middle column of your deals records:

Customize Tabs
  • Customize the overview tab.
  • Choose the cards you want to show on your overview tab and their sequence.

Customize sidebars

Configure the information shown on the left and right sidebars of your deal records:

Customize Sidebars
  • Customize the right sidebar
  • The right sidebar can display associations, charts, attached files, and more.
Customize Sidebars
  • Customize the left sidebar
  • Configure the information you want to show on the left sidebar.

Manage cards

Choose the information shown on cards for deal records and associations.

Manage Cards
  • Customize data highlights - The data highlights card shows important stats about your deals at the top of the record page.
Manage Cards
  • Customize association tables - Choose the information shown for deals in deal association tables.
Manage Cards
  • Customize deal association cards - Choose the information shown for a deal on the right sidebar of an associated record.

Create Custom Properties

In addition to using the Default Deal Properties, you can create Custom Deal Properties for deal-specific information you want to capture. To create and edit properties:
  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.

  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Properties.

  • Click the Select an object dropdown menu, then select [Object] properties to create or edit a property for that object.


Setting Up a Sales Process In Your CRM

Depending on your HubSpot Sales Hub Tier, you can set up one or more Sales Processes with customized Sales Stages.