How Much Blog Content Is Enough?

How do you know when you’ve hit the sweet spot between a sufficient amount of content and too much that you’re drowning potential readers?

This is a tightrope that sales and marketing teams continually have to navigate. That said, there are some best practices and principles that we’ve seen to help you identify when you have the right volume of content to satisfy your sales and marketing funnel.

  • Keep your content fresh: You want to make sure you’re engaging in a discussion that is taking place at the moment in your industry. Demonstrating to your readers that you’re participating in the subject of the day and that you have a perspective or point-of-view on the most pressing topics is important in establishing yourself as a thought-leader within your field.
  • Devise a schedule and stick to it: Blogging frequently is of course important in creating a robust readership and hopefully engaged and willing client base, but just as important is blogging consistently. Too often sales and marketing teams post blog entries sporadically under the impression that it doesn’t matter how often you publish as long as the content is good. Of course, you want quality content, but you also want to engender your readers to return to your blog daily or weekly to engage in the content. Creating an editorial calendar can help you create a consistency structure that ensures potential customers come back time and time again.
  • Write with audience and purpose in mind: It’s easy to forget sometimes that we’re writing for people, for customers and clients with specific needs, desires, and motives for seeking out content. Part and parcel of enough blog content stems from remembering that you need to satisfy the curiosity and buying behavior for a variety of different buyer personas (audience) at various stages of the buyer’s journey (purpose).